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Tips for Socializing Your Husky

Tips for Socializing Your Husky


Socialization isn’t just about making your Husky have access to be with other dogs or people. It’s about having your dog around other dogs, people, with different environments and giving them coping skills to become comfortable with such things.

If your pup is frightened during the entire process then it might not be best to toss your dog into the pond to teach it to swim. If your dog has issues with fear, then before it can be with other pups, it needs massive love and help first. When finally taking the next step and deciding to bring your dog to meet another dog, it can be tricky.

Start by slowly heading towards the other dog. Pay attention to your dogs behavior and body language. There are clear signs that you can look for and need to pay attention to when doing this activity.

If your dog begins to growl and become uneasy take a few steps back. Kneel down by your Husky and talk to it. It might seem strange to talk to a dog that doesn’t know English and that you probably think doesn’t understand what you’re saying, but you’d be surprised just how smart some dogs can be. They know more then they let on and often times can understand exactly what you’re saying. With enough training and care, communication can be fairly simple.

Once your down talking to your Husky say things like, “it’s okay” and “that’s a good puppy. nice puppy”. This will help give it a sense of comfort that maybe this unfamiliar approaching dog might not be so bad after all. It sometimes helps to stick your hand out towards the other dog and let it sniff you. Let the other dog react to you first and show your Husky that it’s okay. Even more going over to the dog and letting it jump up on you and get excited shows your dog that it means well and doesn’t want to hurt you or it.

Tips for Socializing Your Husky


Then there are other times where two dogs just won’t ever get along. It’s nothing that you did or can do to change. It’s no different with humans. Some personalities click and some just happen to clash. How boring would this world be if we all got along with each other. Some conflict and disagreeing is a vital part of civilization. It’s the same in the canine world.

Give your Husky time and let it figure things out for itself too. Giving it to much guidance isn’t always the best and letting it learn on it’s own can be very helpful in developing relationships with other animals. Heck, maybe once your dog can get along well with other animals it can teach you a thing or two about giving and taking. Maybe it can help you build a solid foundation to build more friendships just like that giant ball of Husky fur is going to do.

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