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Things to Consider Before Buying a Pomeranian

So you’ve decided you want to bring home a Pomeranian.  Saying no to those fuzzy, fluffy little faces can be hard, so having a few tips before you buy will help you ensure you’re making the best choice for you and your family.

First, you must determine what it is your family is looking for.  This will help you set clear expectations amongst yourselves and also regarding the traits or qualities of the right Pomeranian for you.  Are you looking for a show dog or competitor?  A breeding mate?  A dog for an active lifestyle?  Just a companion to keep you company at home?  Are you looking for the energy of a pup or the calm assurance of an older Pom?


If you’ve decided on a Pomeranian, you should be prepared for a dog who is beautiful, confident and bold.  He is intelligent, affectionate, and active.  Pomeranians seek lots of attention and are the true epitome of a family dog.  They need exercise daily to their high energy and also require a lot of time, energy and patience from their owners to be trained and socialized properly.

Take your time to find the right Pomeranian.  Do not buy on impulse.  Research the dog, breeders, and individual puppies.  This should not be a decision based on what the puppy looks like or after falling in love with their sweet face.  The health and personality of each puppy are key determinants in whether a dog is a good match for your family.  For example, male puppies are typically more dominant and territorial; they may have issues with marking.  Female puppies are generally more laid back and loving, but do go into heat, requiring special care a few times a year.

If you are using a rescue or a breeder, find reputable sources.  A breeder should allow you to meet parents and litter mates.  They can usually be referred by a breed registry or local dog club and should have health guarantees as part of their sales contracts.  A breeder should also ask you questions and help you figure out which puppy is a good match for your family.  Many people suggest staying away from puppy stores.

Puppies should be at least eight weeks old and weaned before coming home with you.  Interact with the puppy for long periods.  Don’t be afraid to ask to come see the puppy more than once.  A good breeder or rescue will want a good match just as bad as you do.  Look at the Pomeranian’s physical condition.  Inspect their eyes, ears, gums, teeth, skin and coat, body, and their movement.  Point out anything that concerns you and feel free to ask questions.


These sources typically require a range of money to purchase or adopt your new pet.  The purchase price is not the only consideration, however.  You must also think about the vet care your puppy will require.  You’ll need regular visits including shots and deworming.  Your puppy may get sick or have health needs emerge that you will have to pay for.  As soon as the pup is in your care, one of your first tasks should be to make a vet visit for a wellness check.

If your puppy has behavioral issues or requires a trainer, those will all be extra costs.  With Pomeranians, grooming is an essential part of their care.  Will you be able to do the grooming yourself or afford to pay for regular visits?  Your pup will also need quality food which may be costly, depending on their individual needs.

Finally, once you’ve decided you’ve gotten all the facts, made the right choice for your family, and found the best resource for your new pup, you will need supplies to properly care for him.  Some of the basics include a collar and leash (or harness); pet identification; a crate; a bed; water and food bowls; food and treats; chews and bones; and grooming supplies.

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