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Things to Consider Before Buying a Husky

Huskies make excellent pets. It’s easy to see the outward appearance of these beautiful animals and get completely consumed. They look up at you with those big blue eyes and have soft coats of fur. When the Huskies are young and bouncing all over the place it’s hard not to take the


whole pack of pups and run away with them. With that being said there are some things you need to take into consideration and learn about these animals before jumping the gun to buy one. These dogs can live anywhere from 12-15 years and that’s a long commitment to make. Huskies need a large environment to run around in. These animals need plenty of exercise and would prefer a fenced in yard to play in. Living in an apartment isn’t very ideal for these large puppies. With a fenced yard in mind, you must also know, they like to dig. Having a fence that is at least six feet high and has wire or concrete barriers below the fence would be ideal. It’s just in their nature to escape. When in very cold environments they dig holes, to sleep down in, to avoid some of the cold wind blowing through. If you and you’re family are avid adventurists, who enjoy hiking and going for runs, a Husky might be just the right dog for you. Try to avoid the warmer weather or make the trips limited. They prefer the colder climates. If you live in an area that is hot make sure that there is plenty of shade around your home and water for them to keep from getting dehydrated. Huskies also have very thick fur. This means they are prone to doing a lot of shedding. Usually their shedding cycles happen twice a year and last one to three weeks. The best thing you can invest in when purchasing a Husky is a decent vacuum. Huskies were born to be led. When you purchase


a Husky you need make sure that you’re that leader. Consistent leadership must be provided otherwise the dog will take over and try to be dominant. Since these puppies have such high energy it would make sense that they eat a lot but that isn’t the case. They also have very strong predator instincts. Smaller pets such as birds, cats, rabbits etc. aren’t usually safe in the same environment. They usually can get a long well with other dog breeds if introduced and taken care of properly. If you already have a Husky and are looking to add to the pack then purchasing a second one will be a perfect addition. So before you jump on a whim and purchase a Husky take into consideration all of the things that come with owning one of these beautiful dogs. If you can have the patience, time and proper love for them, they’ll be a wonderful addition to any adventurous family.

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