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Southern Missouri Pomskies Review – Missouri Pomsky Breeder

Southern Missouri Pomskies is located in, well, you guessed it > Southern Missouri. This Missouri Pomsky Southern Missouri Pomskies Review - Missouri Pomsky Breederbreeder is one of the newer additions to as an International Pomsky Association Member which adds to their credibility as they live by a strict code of ethics. The standard that goes into high quality breeding of hybrid Pomeranians and Siberians is seen in each of their litters.

Finding a high quality Pomsky breeder that stands behind what they say is hard, but Southern Missouri Pomskies does just that. This family owned breeder believes in high quality breeding starts with being a puppy lover first and foremost, and never a puppy mill.

Their Pomsky Minis are competitively priced at $2400 and a waiting list request along with a $500 deposit is required to secure your new best friend. Currently, they are only breeding Minis which are 25% Siberian Husky and 75% Pomeranian. These cute, loyal, and affectionate will steal your hearts which I’m assuming is exactly what you’re hoping for.

For the most updated information on pricing, availability, and to secure your place in life, check out the Southern Missouri Pomskies official website.

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