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Socializing Your Pomsky

Everyone wants a good puppy. We also want our puppies not to bark at every neighbor that walks by or each car that they hear startup. It can be tough getting your dog acquainted with everyday life. A huge factor that plays a role in that is your dogs personality. Just as the case is that not every human is the same, dogs fall into the same role. Every pup is different. They have their own pros and cons. Each one has their own ability to hear you and when they choose to ignore what you’re saying. Remember that pomsky puppies are very strong-willed. When they have a goal and are determined to do something, it can be difficult to sway them in a different direction.

One of the best things you can do is start them out young. Have them meet a variety of people, go to a multitude of different places and also meet other animals. This will get them accustomed to seeing things that aren’t familiar to them. If you show your dog that it’s okay to be around them, they’ll think likewise. If you have friends or family members over, give them treats to give to him or her. This will only aid in the process of getting your dog use to someone other than you being nice to them. Your dog may turn out to be scared doing every interaction that you try to put them in. If that’s the case it’s best to maybe wait until they’re a little older before tossing them out with the sharks.

image: Dany Leonard

Paying attention to body language and how your dog reacts to certain situations is the easiest way for both of you to learn. Dogs know a heck of alot more then they let on. They have incredible instincts and Pomskies are no different. They’re able to sense when something is right about a person or even a situation. If your puppy reacts badly to a situation and you seem to think it’s okay, tell him or her that. Kneel down beside your dog and pet it. Say words like, “it’s okay” or “you’re fine”. This will help give them a sense of security and if you’re acting calm in a situation where they aren’t, they might learn to do the same.

There are other times where it’s best to let your dog figure things out on it’s own. If it’s being bad of course correct the situation, but giving too much guidance and restrictions isn’t always the best course of action. Take it one day at a time. Learn with and from each other. It’s no different then starting a new job or trying to raise your child. Trial and error along with a whole lot of patience and possibly a drink or two to help make the days a little easier.

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