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Socializing Your Pomeranian

Bringing any pet home for the first time can be nerve racking, for not just you, but for the animal as well. It’s a giant change for everyone. This animal is another living thing that you now have to look after and take care of. You need to feed it, give it water, love it and give it a safe home to be in. Show it right from wrong and good from bad. You need to try and harness all the skills that your parents taught you and now transfer them, to the best of your abilities, to an animal that can’t even talk back to you.

Sometimes dogs can be more of a hassle then little children. At least if you have a kid, who is above the baby stage and able to talk, they can tell you exactly what’s wrong or what they need. When you have a dog it’s really a guessing game. If you have other pets it can also affect them as well. You need to plan the trip home. Too much too fast and the puppy can become overwhelmed and stressed.

Massive stress on a dog at any age can cause both emotional and physical health problems. Make sure you have everything at the house that you’ll need before you bring the puppy home. Bed, toys, food, treats and any other small items that you can think of. It’s not good for either one of you if you have to run back and forth to the store because of things you forgot. It’s easiest if you make sure none of your family members rush to meet the puppy. This can be very overwhelming and scary for them. The puppy will become accustom to you and your smell. It will want to stay around you to feel safe. When you introduce it to your family members do each person one at a time. This will keep the chaos down to a minimum. If you let the puppy get to know each person for around five to ten minutes that should be more then enough socializing time.

image:shinobu sugiyama

It’s best to have one person be the main feeder and care giver to the puppy. This helps keep out any confusion the dog might have when trying to establish dominant roles in the household. Introducing your puppy to other new pets, whether that be at your home or at the park, can be tricky at times. Each animal is different and comes with it’s own set of traits. Pomeranians aren’t the biggest of breeds as we are well aware. When introducing them to other animals you need to take that into account. They’re very small and can be easily hurt, even by cats. Cats are already mean animals, or can be, and they are much larger than Pomeranians. When showing your pet to new animals it can sometimes help if you are holding them. That way if something happens you can quickly get them out of harms way. Socializing your Pomeranian can be fun. It just takes some simple common sense and knowing what situations will work and which ones won’t.

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