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Silver River Pomskies – Nevada Pomsky Breeder

Silver River Pomskies created the idea of Flufball Awesomeness as their motto suggests what they intend on Silver River Pomskies - Nevada Pomsky Breederintroducing into this world. Over the years, they haven’t had a whole lot of litters, but it sounds as like they intend on heating things up a bit. Silver River believes of introducing their Pomskies into pet friendly homes only as they have a no breeding policy in place.

This helps make them a high quality Pomsky breeder in Nevada located near the Reno/Tahoe area. They have been quite active on their Facebook page as activity typically heats up just before announcing a new litter is on the way. They currently have a waiting list and take new Prospective Pomsky owners in, but only after showing that you and the New Pomskies are a great fit for eachother.

The application process is typical as this helps determine that you both are a great fit for each other. They offer a very secure transaction method using PayPal and does not require the buyer to have a PayPal account. A non-refundable $300 deposit is required before paying $2500 in full before taking your new Pomsky home.

For more information, inquire within on the Silver River Pomskies website for the most updated Nevada Pomsky breeder info.

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