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Siberian Husky Dog Breeders

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Huskies are strong, powerful and compact sled working dogs. They have more going for them then just pulling sleds but that’s primarily what they were born to do and are bred to thrive in doing. These dogs are amazing and incredibly smart animals. They have pros and cons just like any other breed.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different breeders out there. They all have their own certain way to breed and train huskies. If you’re looking for options of different breeders the best thing to do is research. My opinion is one thing. You could end up with a totally different opinion from someone else and neither one of these opinions are what you wanted to hear or are looking for.

Just keep in mind some traits about these huskies and what you need to know going into purchasing a dog and everything that comes with it as well. These dogs are gorgeous by nature. The hue of their nose usually depends on what color the dogs coat is. Their eye colors can be azure, dark or amber. There are rare occasions where their eyes are blue and even more rare occasions where they have two different eye colors.

Their ears stand up at a point in a triangle shape. Huskies have large snow shoe shaped feet. In between their toes they have hair that help regulate heat and for grabbing on to ice. Dewclaws, depending on the breeder, will usually be removed. Huskies coats can range anywhere from pitch black all the way to blinding white and every combination and shade in between. Huskies are usually 20-24 inches tall and can weigh somewhere around 40-60 pounds.

Huskies are meant to live in luxury suites. They can however be trained to live in apartments but that’s now where they were meant to be. Huskies love to be outside. They need exercise and an abundance of it. They’re work dogs at heart. If you plan on getting a husky be aware of the climate that you live in. They prefer to live in cooler climates. If you happen to live in an area that is warm be sure they have plenty of water and shade to lay in. It’s very easy for them to overheat from the outside temperatures if it becomes too hot.

They can live somewhere around 12-15 years and usually shed their coats twice a year. These are just things to consider if you’re looking for a breeder or if you happen to take a liking to breeding. Breeding isn’t the easiest thing to do. It takes both time and patience. It’s also takes a fair amount of money up front until you’re able to sell those puppies. You have to think about food, vet bills and all the other expenses that come with being a breeder. Keep in mind the small details that many breeders and pet owners forget about.

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