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Selecting a Pomsky Breeder

As with any breed, it is important to research both the breed itself and the breeders who are whelping the puppies.  After studying breed characteristics, health concerns, individual needs, and deciding a certain breed is right for you, a thorough search must be conducted to find just the right breeder.

Pomsky breeders should be knowledgeable in both Huskies and Pomeranians.  Arguably, the puppies will take some characteristics from both parents and breeders should be able to help families find the right temperament and activity level for each pup.


Because most Pomsky puppies are created by breeding a female Husky with a male Pomeranian, breeders typically utilize costly artificial insemination to protect both dogs and result in a successful breeding.  The puppies should be DNA verified to ensure buyers are getting what they pay for.

A responsible breeder should also be conducting DNA tests, eye and hip tests on dogs before deciding to breed them.  A breeding pair shouldn’t be chosen out of convenience or by accident.  Each dog should be healthy, free of genetic diseases, of good temperament and indicative of a strong breed standard to pass on to any puppies.  Most health problems in dogs of both breeds are as a result of genetic or inherited genes and traits.  This means that most health problems can be prevented.

As a general rule, buyers can expect to “get what they pay for.”  Puppies that seem unusually low priced may be the result of an irresponsible or backyard breeder, or may not be coming from a purebred sire and dam.  This may result in various health concerns or temperament problems, and may be indicators of a careless breeder.

Breeders should be open to having potential families visit the facilities where the puppies are whelped, be able to answer questions about the parents and puppies, and also want to ask questions of the families who will be caring for their pups.  These are all signs of a breeder who maintains high ethical standards and maintains healthy breed standards.  A good breeder will provide lifetime support, not just conduct a business transaction.

Don’t be afraid to ask breeders about their breeding standards, records of breeding and pedigree, if they have references, what veterinarian they work with, to see puppies and parents on site, and what kind of health guarantee the breeder provides.  Be careful not to buy puppies from puppy mills where breeders keep the dogs in cages and aren’t providing necessary hygiene, care, feeding, and exercise.


Overall, a great Pomsky breeder should be just as concerned with finding their little ones a good home as you are about finding the perfect Pomsky.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and do plenty of research before deciding to buy.  Take advantage of Pomsky resources online and seek out reviews of breeders that other buyers have done business with.  Getting a puppy can be an exciting time and doing work on the front end will ensure a happy experience once your little one finally comes home!

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