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Rescuing a Pomsky

Nearly three million animals are euthanized each year, with over one million of those animals being dogs.  Fortunately, another three million animals are adopted each year, with another million of those being man’s best friend.  Over half a million strays are returned to their owners in thousands of animal shelters throughout the United States.


When it comes to dogs, nearly 35% are adopted, 31% are euthanized and 26% are returned to their owners.  An estimated 40% of homes in the United States are made complete by the addition of a dog.  When considering your next dog, don’t look past your local shelter, they may have just the one you’re looking for.

Pomsky puppies are quickly gaining speed as one of the most sought after dogs in the United States and worldwide.  They are also one of the most costly dogs available right now, especially in the hybrid market, due to their mix.  Fortunately, they do not have high numbers reported from shelters.

That doesn’t mean that the perfect Pomsky for you might not be out there waiting.  Since their numbers are not high, Pomskys do not have many dedicated rescue groups.  Many times, they are either grouped with a Husky rescue group or a Pomeranian rescue group.  Many of these are easily found in a Google search or by contacting your local animal shelter.


Though largely a resource for breeders and families looking to buy purebred Pomskys, the Pomsky Club of America is the registry dedicated to the Pomsky breed.  The registry organization provides some valuable information about the dogs themselves, and also provides resources to link buyers and adopters to their next family member.

However, one point of mention is that just because a Pomsky is available, doesn’t mean that pup is the best one for your family.  As with any dog, it is important to see how the dog interacts with family members, other pets, schedules, pet expectations, and money available for the pet’s individual needs.  It is important to take adequate time and exercise patience in choosing the next member of your family to ensure a lifelong bond for both the dog and your family.

Many times a great breeder or rescue group will be very versed in helping families find the right dogs for them.  They get to know their dogs and are able to assess their behaviors, personality traits, and individual needs.  This is critical information to ensure the active family doesn’t end up with a lazy couch potato or the family with children doesn’t end up with a hyperactive dog who struggles with training and attention.

When meeting a dog for the first time, pay attention to things like the dog’s body language, how the Pomsky to be rescued responds to being touched or petted, and how rough or gentle the dog is.  Take note of how the dog interacts or responds to other dogs and how excitable or hyperactive he is.  Food aggression may be a sign of behavioral issues, so it is important to see if the dog reacts differently when he has food, a toy, or a treat.  These things may help you find the best pet for your family.

After deciding that a Pomsky is the next family member for you, heed the mantra of shelters worldwide supporting, “don’t shop, adopt!”  Do your research to find a reputable rescue group and support a great cause.  Before shelling out money for a costly breeder, consider opening your home to one of the many animals in need.

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