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Providence Pomskies Review – Florida Pomsky Breeder

Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Providence Pomskies is one of the few high quality breeders in Florida. TheProvidence Pomskies Review - Florida Pomsky Breeder concept of blending two of the most amazing dogs is something that Providence is very good at. Giving the look of a husky and lovable temperament of a Pomeranian is concept that has really taken off in recent years for both dog lovers and the average person alike.

Providence is one of the three recommended Pomsky breeders in Florida as of this time, and is one that believes in high quality liters each and every time. They only use male Poms and female Huskies which has become the most recognized standard of Pomsky breeding.

With more than one litter each year and plenty of consumer options including pricing, shipping, and pick up details, there’s no wonder they made out list of top Florida Pomsky breeders. Displaying extensive knowledge in breeding, high quality litters, and great customer service is what sets them apart from many other Pomsky breeders.

For updated information on prices and litter availability, be sure to check out the Providence Pomskies official site for the latest details.

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  • I am beginning to think about getting Pomsky. I live in Mexico, so I am wondering about sending a puppy via air. Would a trip to Mexico City be safe for a puppy? How often do you have liters ready for adoption? We only have one recognized breeder in Mexico that I have found. Their wait-list is quite lengthy.

    Wayne Reeves December 8, 2017 8:47 PM Reply

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