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Popular Pomeranians and the People Who Love Them

It’s not hard to see why no one, including celebrities, can say no to the tiny, furry face of a Pomeranian.  Maybe it’s their compact size and the fact they can go anywhere, or that they are easy to train for obedience and socialization.  No matter the cause, these little fluff balls have taken the world by storm.  Much of the popular status originated with royalty in England and France.  Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte and Marie Antoinette were some of the earliest lovers of the popular Pom breed.

Pomeranians are owned by some of the most well known celebrities in today’s culture.  Two well known socialites, Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton, are quick to show their Poms off at every opportunity.  Making appearances at clubs, events and even television, those furry faces were seen just about everywhere.  Other popular Poms featured on television shows were those belonging to the Osbourne family- Ozzy, Sharon and Kelly had quite the hoard of adorable dogs.

(images:starlight126/flickr) Boo the Pomeranian

Other Pom loving celebs include actress Eva Longoria, the Nanny’s Fran Drescher, spokesmodel Carmen Electra, actor Sylvestor Stallone, and television personality Lisa Vanderpump.  Other celebrities of the music industry also love their Poms, including singers Hilary Duff, Gwen Stefani, LeeAnn Rimes, Eddie Van Halen, and even Elvis Presley had a Pom!

Some Pomeranians are even famous in their own right.  One can hardly spend a second on Instagram before seeing Jiff Pom’s adorable face.  Featured on the Disney Channel, Target and Banana Republic ads, and even featured in a Katy Perry video.  This social media phenomenon even has his own set of emojis.

Represented by the Beverly Hills Talent Agency, Jiff has millions of followers on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Born in Illinois, Jiff now resides with his family in Los Angeles.  He is so famous there in fact, that August 20th is known as “Jiff Day in LA.”  Besides being seen on movies and television series, Jiff has also been featured on Good Morning America and the Today Show.

(images:[email protected]/flickr) JiffPom

Not only is Jiff famous in social media, he also holds two world records in the Guinness Book of World Records.  He currently holds the titles for fastest dog on two paws.  On his first try, he successfully broke the world record for walking ten meters on his hind feet and also for walking five meters in the fastest time on his front feet.  Jiff Pom can also walk backwards, crawl, and skateboard.

Jiff is not the only popular Pom on social media.  He is rivaled by Boo the Pomeranian.  Boo is owned by Irene Ahn, a Facebook employee.  Known as the world’s cutest dog, Boo is ten years young and flocked by millions of fan on his social media accounts as well.  This internet sensation is a “teddy bear Pom” and hails from San Francisco, California.  Not to be outdone by Jiff, Boo has book deals and stuffed animals based on his likeness.  His image is easily picked out by his adorable fluffy face and trademark short Pom cut.  Boo maintains a special relationship with the singer KeSha and is the spokesdog for Virgin America airline.

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