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Pomsky Traits

Because the Pomsky is such a “new” hybrid, not much information exists as far as breed standard traits for these tiny furry, adorable pups.  However, because the Pomsky is created as a result of a successful mating between a female Husky and a male Pomeranian, the Pomsky likely takes characteristics from both parents.  It may vary from puppy to puppy how much of each parent comes through as a dominant trait, but some generalizations might give owners insight into what to expect.

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For example, Huskies are known to be intelligent and easily trainable.  They also are very high energy and love to play.  Huskies have high agility and are known to be very social, seeming to get along with everyone.  On the same token, while many of those traits are positive, they can come through in negative behaviors if Huskies are not given proper exercise or stimulation.  They may become destructive or behave in ways like chewing, digging or biting if the Husky becomes bored or is not getting proper handling.  They may require extra walks, runs, treats, or toys to keep them busy.  Huskies do best with a dominant owner who can teach them good dog manners and give them proper attention.

Pomeranians, on the other hand, are known for being curious and energetic.  They are described as being loyal and protective of their family.  Similar to Huskies, they need a dominant owner who will train them and ensure healthy socialization, because they are also known to be stubborn and may engage in negative behaviors that some refer to as “small dog syndrome.”  Small dog syndrome is usually encouraged by owners who fail to socialize their small dogs properly or do not address behavioral issues because they are less threatening with smaller dogs than big dogs.  For example, a Pomeranian’s bite is less severe than a larger dog, so it may not be addressed the same way by its owner.  Dogs with small dog syndrome may exert behaviors like acting unsure, fearful, anxious, and disobeying its owner.


The Pomsky is likely to take any number of these traits from either their father the Pomeranian or their mother the Husky.  Commonly, Pomskys are known to be intelligent and easily trainable.  They are also high energy and very playful.  Pomskys may exert negative behaviors like barking, digging and chewing if they do not receive training, exercise, and adequate stimulation.  They are protective members of the family and commonly do well in homes of a single, versus a family.  However, socialization and training can ensure a healthy relationship with the whole family.

A great companion dog, the Pomsky serves those looking for a big dog attitude in a little dog size.  They balance the friendly with everyone side of the Husky with the clingyness of the Pomeranian, creating a great balance of a fun, outgoing dog who also loves to snuggle up.  These traits, coupled with the fact the dogs are incredibly cute make it no wonder that Pomskys were considered one of the most sought after dogs in 2016.

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