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Pomsky Pups Review – Kansas Pomsky Breeder

Pomsky Pups is another Pomsky Breeder in Kansas, but one that just may have the most experience. With nearlyPomsky Pups Review - Kansas Pomsky Breeder 20 years of experience with breeding Siberian Huskies, they have since branched off while breeding the illusive hybrid Pomskies. Blending the best of both worlds when looking at what Pomeranians and Huskies are all about including temperament, beauty, loyalty, trainability, and so much more.

Pomsky Pups only breeds 1st generation Pomskies which means they are full bred hybrids. Their litters consist of artificial insemination of a full blood registered Husky and a full blood registered Pomeranian. The end result is a high quality Pomsky that will bring out the very best in both breeds in one amazing dog.

There is a full disclosure agreement located on their website which displays all there is to know including a 14 day and 1 year warranty, vaccination information, and  sales information. A typical $500 deposit is required to secure your new Pomsky unless the seller fails to deliver. Shipping to most of the US can happen by air or ground, and they even accept PayPal for a more secure transaction.

For more information, please check out the Pomsky Pups official page for updated litter, sales, and the buyer agreement.

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