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Pomsky, Pomeranian, and Siberian Husky – Side by Side Comparison

I’m almost certain you’ve heard of a Pomeranian or Siberian Husky, but have you ever heard of a Pomsky? Don’t
worry if you haven’t as many people are in the same boat, but this loveable and absolutely amazing hybrid dog is virtually impossible to confuse with any other breed.

Hybrid dogs are a mix between two or more purebred dogs, and when looking at Pomskies they’ve only been around for a few years now. In that short amount of time, they’ve arguably become one of the most sought after hybrids, and one that you will fall in love with.

While not exactly recognized, many breeders and prospective owners alike may beg to differ as they should truly be in a class of their own. Helping you understand the differences between a Pomsky, Pomeranian, and Siberian Husky is what the following side by side comparison will do.

Pomsky, Pomeranian, and Siberian Husky - Side by Side Comparison

Characteristic Pomsky Pomeranian Siberian Husky
Height 10 – 15 inches 7 – 12 inches 20 – 24 inches
Life Expectancy 13 – 15 years 12 – 16 years 12 – 14 years
Price $1000 – $3000 $600 – $1500 $700 – $2000
Recognized Breed No Yes Yes
Temperament Energetic, friendly, intelligent, lovable, loyal, protective Energetic, extroverted, friendly, playful, intelligent, social Alert, friendly, gentle, intelligent, loyal, protective, outgoing
Weight 20 – 30 pounds 3 – 7 pounds 35 – 60 pounds

While the above statistics aren’t indicative of all Pomskies, Pomeranians, and Huskies, but it does give you a very good idea. One thing’s for certain, when breeding hybrids there is a lot of uncertainty, especially when looking at physical characteristics such as height, eye color, weight, and coat. Many of the temperament qualities they’ll will get from both parents which for the most case, are somewhat similar.

The price of a Pomsky is always something to consider if you’re a prospective owner. Typically, true breeders will sell them for at least $2000 and we’ve seen them as high as $5000. Anything less than $1000 should set of red flags as this will definitely make you think twice about the quality of the litter, breeding style, or the breed of the parents.

As always, do you due diligence on the breeder, breeding tactics, and the breeder location itself as these are all things to consider before adopting your new best friend.

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