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Pomsky Grooming

Grooming is an important activity for both you and the groomer of your Pomsky.  It is an important habit to start early so the pup is used to being handled and stays healthy.  If they learn from an early age not to fear brushing, bathing, or the sound of clippers, the job will be much easier in the future.  Because of their soft, fluffy coats, Pomskys shed a lot, requiring regular bathing and brushing.  Huskies, one half of the Pomsky mix, are known for being clean dogs, even going so far as to groom themselves like cats.

Pomskys are double coated, meaning they have an outer coat that is tough and an inner coat that is soft and thick.  Both coats require specific and regular care.  While the Pomsky’s double coat makes them great winter weather dogs, it is important to take good care of the hair to keep your dog feeling good and staying healthy.  Matted hair, or hair that gets tangled near the dog’s skin, can be difficult to remove, painful for the dog, and may even result in infection.


When you take your Pomsky to the groomer, the groomer will start by wetting the dog’s body thoroughly.  They will lather shampoo on the dog and and also apply conditioner.  It is important to thoroughly clean and condition the dog’s coat to ensure a clean, healthy coat.  Great care must be taken to get all the soup out, especially from the thicker under coat.  The groomer will take special care not to get water or soap in the dogs eyes or ears.  Water or soap in the ears can cause infection if left alone.

The Pomsky is then towel dried and combed out.  Often, a heatless blow dryer will be used to air out the coat without the use of damaging or painful heat.  The forced air ensures that all the water is removed from both layers of the coat.  Because of the heavy amount of drying required, heated blow dryers can burn the sensitive skin of the Pomsky puppy.  If you are drying at home, after a thorough towel dry, combing out the dog while drying on the cool setting of a blow dryer will also work.  The groomer will use a fine toothed comb to pull the out the Pomsky’s undercoat and ensure no matting occurs.  Thorough combing will reduce shedding, especially in the months when your dog sheds its coat- usually about twice a year.  This process is called “blowing out” the coat.  Puppies will also blow out their coats to achieve their adult coats after just a few months.

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After the dog is clean, the groomer may clip the dog and use a mild ear cleaner on the ears.  Before tending to the nails, the groomer may shave out the paw pads, ensuring your pup’s paws stay clean and aren’t carrying around debris.  Finally, the groomer will either grind or clip the Pomsky’s nails.  Grinding is typically safer as there is less chance of nicking the quick, or blood vessel that runs through each nail.  Grinding also results in a shorter, more smooth nail.

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