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Pommer Pomskies Review – South Dakota Pomsky Breeder

Pommer Pomskies is located in Yanktown, South Dakota, and they have easily surpassed their own expectations.Pommer Pomskies Review - South Dakota Pomsky Breeder Having become a top tier South Dakota Pomsky breeder and one of the only who have perfected such delicate and difficult Pomsky breeding. A little family owned breeder which showcases their latest Pomskies for the whole world to see.

The prices, adoption process, and waiting list are all typical when looking at other Pomsky breeders around the US. They’ve only had a couple of successful breedings, but they are looking to have many more. With competitive prices that range between $2500 – $3500 which depends on the size, color, and eye color you choose.

Pommer Pomskies only breeds an AKC certified sire and dame means you will be getting a high quality Pomsky. Right now, there is no website, but they communicate often through social media which is getting quite a following. Feel free to call, email, or send them an IM as they currently have a litter with only a few Pomskies not-spoken for as of yet.

Check out Pommer Pomskies on Facebook for the the latest information.

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  • I am interested in learning more about your Pomsky puppies.

    Adelaide Wilson December 14, 2017 9:31 PM Reply

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