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Pomeranians and Kids

Getting a new puppy or dog to bring home is always an exciting time for any family.  Many people have fond memories of growing up with their own furry friends and look forward to sharing the responsibility and joys of pet ownership with their own children.  While setting your sights on a dog and deciding a Pomeranian is the perfect pup for your family, there are some considerations that responsible pet ownership require.

First, some assert that Pomeranians are not very “kid friendly” dogs.  Typically, the reasons relate back to the small size of the Pom.  While Pomeranians, due to their nature, are good with kids, weighing in at about three to seven pounds, they are not always the best choice for very young or highly active children.  A Pom could be easily injured if accidentally dropped or stepped on.


In order to have successful integration of a Pomeranian into a family with children, it is important to understand some of the inherent traits of the Pomeranian.  Many of these traits are what make the dog breed so desirable to owners and families.  They are typically extroverted and love meeting people and other dogs.  Poms hate being alone and require a lot of attention.  Having many people in your family may help spread the love and the affectionate, people pleasing Pom will enjoy every minute.

Pomeranians are also very smart and easy to train, helping families alleviate some behavioral issues that might complicate the relationship between dog and people.  Some of those issues are also prevented or lessened by providing enough exercise to your Pom.  As they have a high energy level, they will need plenty of resources to keep them from bouncing off the walls.  As a matter of fact, a large part of how your family gets along with a Pom will depend on heredity, training, and socialization.

If you plan to introduce a new Pom to your family, it is critical to find a pup with a good temperament.  As a puppy, the Pomeranian should approach people and be ok with being handled.  Pomeranians are bold, active dogs who love to play.  If possible, meet the pups parents and litter mates.  Once the puppy does come home, it is critical to socialize your pup by introducing him to people, sights, sounds and experiences as quickly and often as possible.


It may help to involve your family in puppy classes.  They should also participate in introducing the dog to other people, taking him to the park, going to stores, and frequent walks.  Supervise any time the kids are interacting with the Pomeranian.  Ensure you have taken time to do some “family training.”  Teach kids how to approach and interact with the dog.  Make sure there is no biting, grabbing, or pulling by either the dog or child.  Another point of learning is to leave the dog alone when he is eating or chewing a bone.  Some dogs can have food aggression and it may not be safe to have children too close to them during this time.

Ultimately, taking the time to ensure you have the right dog and a prepared family will ensure a healthy bond with your dog for years to come.  Pomeranians can be great family pets for the right family.  Having your children and dog grow up together can create wonderful memories for your family while teaching them important lessons about life and love.

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