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Pomeranian Hybrids

When a dog is said to be a “hybrid”, it means that two dogs of different breeds were blended together to create a new type of breed.  The offspring is known as a hybrid or a designer dog.  These types of blends are becoming more and more popular as people begin to take the favorable traits of two different types of dogs to create one embodiment of both.  It is very important to carefully select the dogs involved in the blending to ensure a good mix.  They should also both be of sound, sufficient breeding standards to ensure great temperament, health and development.  Despite doing the necessary research and finding the best dogs for the mix, it can still sometimes be difficult to determine what health issues may arise as a result of the blending or what temperaments or traits will shine through.

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Understanding which breeds would match well with the Pomeranian, it is critical to understand the inherent traits of the Pom.  One of the most remarkable physical traits is the heavy plumed tail and thick, double coated bodies.  Their thick double coats make them easily adaptable and able to live anywhere, even in harsh winter or cold climates.  There are many different colors bred into Pomeranians, including brindle, parti, piebald, irish, tan points and variations of red, cream, sable and black.  Many of the other physical traits of Pomeranians are evident in their general appearance, size, head, body, coat, color, and gait.  They maintain a fox like expression with dark, bright almond shaped eyes.

Other traits of the Pomeranian help illustrate why he is called “the dog who thinks he can.”  Pomeranians, by nature, are courageous, vivacious, and naturally curious.  While they are compact, they are incredibly agile and animated.  They are active and alert, inquisitive and express very high energy.  Despite their lively, confident nature, they are surprisingly easy to train.  Because they are very intelligent, bright and eager to please, their outgoing nature serves them well with their families.

Besides being the active sportsman and working dog, Pomeranians are also known to be very loyal and protective toward their families.  With proper training they can overcome their “small dog syndrome” and be quite affectionate, obedient, and friendly.  They enjoy meeting other people and even other dogs.  As a result, they enjoy socialization.  Whether that involves rides or activities with the family, or strolls through the park or dog park to see new sights, sounds, people and experiences.  This socialization will also prevent the dog from excessive barking or howling, which are also inherent traits of the breed.

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Other traits involve their need for extensive grooming due to their thick double coats and shedding, along with some difficulty in housebreaking, which may require extensive crate training.  Finally, because of the intelligence and confidence of the Pomeranian, he can be strong willed and stubborn, requiring a dominant owner who can take charge of the dog.While these are all great traits, there are some inherent traits of the Pomeranian that are less than desirable.  One is the trait of fragility, common in most toy breeds.  While the Pomeranian is agile and sporty, they are still small by nature and can be easily injured if dropped, sat on or stepped on.  They are also sometimes “yappy” if not trained to suppress that energy and could be an annoyance to your family or neighbors if allowed to bark all day.  His curious nature will find many reasons for him to alert.

Some common hybrids involving the Pomeranian are:

  1. Pomeagle: a combination with Beagle.  These dogs are 3-25 pounds, great with kids, intelligent, active, loyal, brave, and easy to train.
  2. Bichonaranian: a combination with Bichon Frise.  These cute, fluffy little ones are between 5-10 pounds, low shedders, friendly, sociable, outgoing and make great family dogs.
  3. Pomston: a combination with Boston Terrier.  Easily recognizable, they are family oriented, playful, intelligent, and active, coming in between 10-20 pounds.
  4. Cavapom: a combination with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Affectionate and playful companions, these are social little watchdogs who learn very quickly.
  5. Pomchi: a combination with Chihuahua.  These little ones are only 2-18 pounds and are loyal, intelligent and energetic.  They can be stubborn and nervous around children but are perfect couch potatoes.
  6. Cockeranian: a combination with Cocker Spaniel.  These clever dogs are curious, mischievous, and sensitive.  They can be heavy shedders but are very friendly and playful, making great family dogs.
  7. Dameranian: a combination with Dachshund.  At between 8-15 pounds, these are docile, and very sweet dogs.  They are quick learners who are motivated by food but do suffer from separation anxiety if left for long periods.
  8. Pomsky: a combination with Husky.  Intelligent and easily trainable, they are high energy and very playful.  They love to snuggle up and also make great family companions.
  9. Maltipom: a combination with Maltese.  At 3-9 pounds, these little ones are friendly, playful and affectionate.  They are intelligent and best with older families or seniors.
  10. Pomanauze: a combination with Schnauzer.  These watchdogs span from 15-20 pounds and are fiesty but loyal creatures.  They are quick to learn tricks are confident and low shedding.
  11. Corgipom: a combination with Corgi.  Corgipoms are stubborn but adorable little ones, who can be difficult to train.  They are intelligent and great with kids, requiring lots of attention and exercise.
  12. Pomapoo: a combination with Poodle.  Between 5-15 pounds, these are friendly and affectionate companions.  They are great for any family structure and are outgoing, intelligent and easy to train.
  13. Pomapug: a combination with Pug.  From 5-16 pounds, these Pug faced little guys are friendly, fuzzy and full of energy.  They are great family dogs as they are charming, loyal and well mannered.
  14. Shiranian: a combination with Shih Tzu.  Between 4-16 pounds, these friendly, adorable little dogs are happy go lucky and very intelligent.  Also low shedding and great with children, they are an easy going and sociable addition to any family.
  15. Yoranian: a combination with Yorkie.  Small little ones at just between 3-7 pounds, these dogs are best with older children and families.  Although they are alert, friendly, independent and intelligent, these dogs can also be a little stubborn and independent.


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