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Pomeranian Health Problems

We love our dogs. We love the wagging tails, the soft fur and all the love that they give us. We enjoy hearing them jump at the door when the keys go in the lock and they know we’re here. All dogs eventually come down with health problems. Each dog is different and carries its own set of problems. They can range from minimal problems up to major health issues. We never want our dogs to succumb to anything bad.

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These animals are part of our family. It’s like seeing one of your love ones go through something terrible. Toy dogs, such as pomeranians or any other small breed, often come with more health concerns than other dogs.

There are some ways to help prevent your little one from getting sick or falling ill. The number one way to keep your puppy healthy along with any other living creature is a proper diet. They need to be fed in order to grow and to stay alive. That’s common sense.

Also having your pomeranian get proper exercise and see the Vet regularly is a big deal. They need to have their regular check ups just as humans do. Some shots will probably be needed, they’ll hate you for a bit, but after a while they’ll forgive you and come running back with tails wagging. With all that being said here are some common health concerns that accompany these cute little fur balls.

Cataracts is one of the biggest. Cataracts is an eye disease. Some symptoms that accompany this disease is a change in the color of the dogs eyes. Swelling can be seen on or around the eyes. If you see your dog running into walls or staggering this can also be a sign. Another problem with small breeds pertains to the eyes again. This disease is called Distichiasis is an issue with the eyelashes. Small eyelashes will often grow out of place which results in them constantly poking the dog in the eyes. If it keeps up it can actually tear the cornea. Most of the time the hairs can be froze off or removed with electrolysis.

Hypoglycemia is another common problem in pomeranians and other small dogs. This disease affects the blood sugar levels in dogs. It most frequently happens to puppies around the three month mark. Common symptoms to look out for are loss of appetite, weakness, trembling or shaking. Some pomeranians are born with or later develop a seizure condition. Watching these dogs or any dog go through an episode can be very scary.

Keep an eye out on your dog and take it in if you have any concerns about these symptoms. Your dog can develop many other conditions as well, these ones just happen to be the most common and most popular among this breed of dog. Pomeranians are incredible animals. It also helps that they might be one of the cutest dog breeds around. Just make sure you have these issues in the back of your mind.

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