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Patriot Pomskies Review – Missouri Pomsky Breeder

Following a strict code of ethics stands Patriot Pomskies. This Missouri Pomsky breeder believes in following thePatriot Pomskies Review - Missouri Pomsky Breeder guidelines set forth by the Pomskies of America which should help give you the peace of mind as a consumer. With numerous Pomsky breeders throughout the United States, finding one that truly demonstrates what they actually say is quite difficult.

Patriot Pomskies is a smaller family owned breeder located in Strafford, Missouri and believes in the life of the Pomsky before anything else. This is demonstrated throughout the entire breeding process and after their Pomskies are born. Before picking up your new best friend, you can rest assured he/she will be up to date on all their vaccinations, DNA testing, and de-worming.

Many Pomsky breeders throughout US and Canada will ship, but not Patriot. While some may say this is an inconvenience, Patriot Pomskies believes in the safety and well-being lf their Pomskies and will assist you with pickups and offer suggestions outside of shipping. They will even meet you at the nearest airport which is located Springfield, Missouri where you can pick-up and/or ship on your own terms.

The typical process is an application, $500 non-refundable deposit, and the choice of your Pomsky from three consecutive litters. The full price ranges between $2500 – $3000 with the smaller Pomskies coming in at the higher end.

For more info including litter, price, and the application, please check out the Patriot Pomskies website for the very latest.

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  • Looking for pomksie pup

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    • Start by locating a Pomsky breeder near you by starting at this link. http://pomskypup.com/pomsky-breeders/

      Scott Baxter August 11, 2016 9:05 PM Reply
    • Please start by contacting the pomsky breeder through their information either by phone or email

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