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Northern California Pomskies Review – California Pomsky Breeder

Northern California Pomskies, or Norcal Pomskies is an approved breeder by the Pomsky Club of America whoNorthern California Pomskies Review - California Pomsky Breeder takes great pride with their in-home Pomsky breeding program. The owners have spent a great deal of time selecting the perfect parents that goes into each breeding of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mixes.

While adhering to the breeder’s code of ethics, Norcal puts the emphasis on a healthy breeding to assure that each and every Pomsky is of the highest quality. The quality that goes into each breeding starts from the very first day and never ends as the family team of breeders are all experienced, professional, trained, and more importantly, all love what they do.

With more than 13 years of experience, the team leader goes the distance in creating a loyal, affectionate, cute, and energetic Pomsky. To assure that each owner understands, is knowledgeable, and is a perfect fit for a new Pomsky the application and selection process is one that is tedious, but necessary.

Check out a high quality California Pomsky breeder by taking a look at the Northern California Pomskies official website for more information.

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