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Norman the Pomsky

Norman the Pomsky was born in March of 2016 and adopted in Los Angeles to Rachel and Matt.  Since then, the adorable little ball of fur has taken the internet by storm.  Considered one of the biggest social media animal celebrities, Norman has been featured at events and on red carpets.  He even maintains a strong presence on websites, blogs, magazines, and maintains thousands of followers on Instagram.


Norman was adopted from the Northern California Pomskies group.  Rachel and Matt had spent hours fighting over the right dog for their family.  One wanted a big, gorgeous Husky and the other wanted a teensy tiny Pomeranian.  Enter the Pomsky- a perfect combination of both.  Immediately after Norman went to his new home, Rachel and Matt set up Norman’s own Instagram account, showing off their adorable new friend.

Norman’s photos are adorable to say the least.  Often featuring him with a toy or lounging in bed, Norman appears to have quite the fashion sense, toting bows and custom outfits.  It seems that his most prized piece is the collar he proudly totes, bearing his name boldly.

These accessories only bring more attention to his fuzzy white body, his large hazel eyes, and the speckling of grays and browns throughout his face and body.  One of Norman’s most striking features are the gorgeous rings on each eyes.  They pale in comparison only to his large toothy grin, which he is all to eager to show off at any opportunity.

Because Pomskys are considered the hottest pups of 2016, its no wonder Norman gained such an enormous following so quickly.  Many people worldwide feel like they are watching Norman grow as they follow his social media accounts and blogging about his puppy adventures.  Norman has met celebrities and has even started to consider a family of his own.

Recently announcing his engagement to Lucy, a “mutt” newly adopted pup into Matt and Rachel’s family, Norman was able to share his love of another thing- using his celeb status to make product endorsements.  Norman’s engagement was announced with a stunning photo of the Leo Diamond which he described as “a brilliantly distinct diamond that captures the essence of your love with light.”  Norman quickly followed up the post with a “she said yes!”


Brilliant diamond rings are not the only things this pup is famous for.  Norman also promotes “Furbo” the smart dog camera.  The camera allows for loving dog owners to see, talk to, and send treats to their dogs while they are away from home.  No more wondering what Fido does all day while you are at work!  Other products include the Pet Therapeutic Cooling and Warming pads, CAKEMIX custom cake decorators who made a stunning cake replica of Norman’s face, and the new vacuum called WISP.

When Norman is not busy hamming it up for the camera or making celebrity endorsements, he likes to eat peanut butter, play with his friends and family, go shopping, try out new toys and go for walks.  Norman has definitely captured the hearts of many and sent dog seekers into a frenzy searching for their own adorable Pomskys.  While they may not all end up as social media celebrities or product endorsers, those fuzzy faces are sure not to disappoint.

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