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Midwest Pomskies Review – Indiana Pomsky Breeder

Midwest Pomskies is a small family owned Pomsky breeder in Indiana located in beautiful Greendale. They’re Midwest Pomskies Review - Indiana Pomsky Breederdefinitely one of the smaller breeders in these reviews, and in many instances are much larger than their actual size suggests. With the goal of sending adorable Pomsky puppies to people just like you, they have managed to create quite a following on social media.

As of now, this India Pomsky breeder doesn’t have any open litters, but they are actively creating a waiting list for prospective owners. With liters expected upcoming, getting on the list before their all gone may be the only way to secure one amazing Pomsky.

The idea of creating a hybrid Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix isn’t exactly easy, but at Midwest they have already put some of their best litters on display. At this time, their Facebook page is the best source of information including communications regarding upcoming litters, price details, and much more.

Before it’s too late, be sure to check out the Midwest Pomskies Facebook page for inquires and the most up to date information.

Comments to Midwest Pomskies Review – Indiana Pomsky Breeder

  • This breeder is a scammer …….they took my money for pick of the litter and I never heard a word back. I tried several times to get in contact through email,text and Facebook and no one has replied….I sent my money last November to hold a spot for a future pup….did all yhis with a Chelsea…and it was apparently her sister ..Kieran Wilson..who picked up the money transfer…I don’t appreciate being scammed and am really pissed about the whole thing…..I want my money back…

    Sherry September 18, 2016 2:04 AM Reply
    • Thank you for sharing your negative experience, please start by contacting the pomsky breeder through their information either by phone or emai

      Scott Baxter September 25, 2016 11:51 AM Reply

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