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Middle Tennessee Pomskies Review – Tennessee Pomsky Breeder

Middle Tennessee Pomskies is located in, you guessed it, Central Tennessee. Reaching the outskirts of most Middle Tennessee Pomskies Review - Tennessee Pomsky Breederplaces throughout the US as they have not only become a reputable Tennessee Pomsky breeder, but a high quality US breeder. Members of the Pomsky Club of America, or PCA, Middle Tennessee Pomskies abides by a strict code of breeding ethics.

This means what you expect out of their hybrid Pomeranian and Huskies is exactly what you’ll get. From the very beginning, your buying experience will not only be easy, but will live up to your expectations. Their guidelines assures that all litters will be bred into a safe environment which will give you a healthy, adorable, loveable, and amazing Pomsky.

The price range ranges between $2500 and $3500 depending on eye color, size, markings, coat quality, and much more. If you are looking for a specific type of Pomsky, you may want to submit your application in early to help assure you can get the pick of the litter. The deposit is $500 and must be paid up front and if you reside outside of Tennessee they will ship your Pomsky to anywhere within the continental 48 states for an additional $400.

Check out the Middle Tennessee Pomskies website for the most updated information including when, how much, and to start the application process.

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