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Lowland Pomskies Review – Florida Pomsky Breeder

Lowland Pomskies is one of the few in Georgia and takes great price of breeding cute Pomskies straight out of theLowland Pomskies Review - Florida Pomsky Breeder Heartland of Dixie. This Georgia Pomsky breeder stands by their mission to “Provide High Puppies to Families that will Love and Care for Each and Every Pomskie Just Like We Take Care of Ours. Standing by their mission has helped make Lowland a trusted breeder that is likely to bring a smile to faces just like yours.

Located near Savannah, Georgia, Lowland Pomskies brings a whole new meaning to southern hospitality. From the very beginning of the selection process, you will feel right at home and will be completely satisfied through the entire process. Offering those who can’t wait the ability to put their names on a waiting list as they won’t accept any deposit until the female is confirmed pregnant.

Currently, Lowland Pomskies is looking to join either Pomskies of America and/or the International Pomskie Association which holds them to higher, national standards. Offering both 1st and 2nd generation Pomskies, you are certain to find a hybrid Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix for you.

Check out the official Lowland Pomskies website for updated litter, price, and other details.

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