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Looking for a Reputable Pomsky Breeder? Consider these FAQ’s First

All dog breeders are not and should not be created equal, and this goes for those breeding Pomskies as well. It takes a special talent to breed hybrids, and although many have tried it over the years, there are only a handful of breeders who have actually become successful. We have taken the time to review all of the top Pomsky breeders throughout North America including here in the US and Canada to make sure you’re getting what you truly expected.

When looking for a reputable Pomsky breeder, there are numerous things to consider. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions, or at least what you’ll want to consider when looking to adopt straight from the breeder.

Looking for a Reputable Pomsky Breeder? Consider these FAQ's First

Pomsky Breeders are Passionate About What they Do

First and foremost, Pomsky breeders have a distinct level of passion that is truly irreplaceable. With this being said, these breeders really enjoy doing what they do best, and they do so not because their looking to make money, but because it’s what they love and enjoy to do. The time, dedication, and money that goes into breeding hybrid dogs, including Pomskies takes a special dedication in order to become successful which is definitely not for everyone.

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Will they Breeder Disclose all Medical Information?

Any good breeder will be more than willing to disclose all medical information on the litter as well as both parents. Any breeder that dances around the question or is not willing to not only disclose, but show you the proof regarding vaccinations, health records, licenses, registrations, and other health related information is doing so for a specific reason.

Will they Allow You to Speak with Previous Buyers?

Word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to market any business, and while breeding Pomskies isn’t exactly a business in this regards it is. Ask to speak to previous buyers and get their accounts on the entire adoption process. Don’t just take the word or read about previous testimonials as these can be everything.

Some breeders will ask buyers if they can use them for references, and in these instances this gives them word of mouth advertising. Sparking up a conversation on social media such as the breeders own FB page is a great way to get in contact with previous buyers.

Will the Breeder Allow You to do a Site Visit Prior to Buying?

This is a great way to meet n greet not only the breeder, but the parents of the litter as well. Take a tour of the grounds where both parents are living and to make sure it’s well maintained, clean, and appropriate for dog breeding. If the breeder doesn’t allow on-site visits, it’s time to walk away.

Does the Breeder Accept Credit or Debit Cards for Payment?

This is definitely something that many prospective buyers don’t consider. Buying with credit or debit cards allows for a paper trail to be started, and as is the case with any expensive purchase you’ll want to make sure of this. Any breeder who only accepts a cashier’s check or cash is one who you’ll not want to do business with.

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