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Lollipop Pomskies Review – Utah Pomsky Breeder

Located in Vernal, Utah resides a great little family owned breeder called Lollipop Pomskies. This Utah Pomsky Lollipop Pomskies Review - Utah Pomsky Breederbreeder takes great strides making sure that each and every hybrid Siberian Husky and Pomeranian is pre-spoiled giving you and your new best friend the perfect environment, for the perfect breed of dog. Their mission says it all as they are intent on introducing “happy healthy Pomsky puppies to enrich the lives of responsible dog owners”.

Lollipop Pomskies takes great pride in each and every Pomsky including plenty of love, affection, experience, excellence, and great support through the entire process. These qualities make all the difference as, and there are only a few breeders out there who not only promise, but stand-by what they actually say.

This Pomsky breeder in Utah will make sure your new best friend is healthy and will prove this by offering a one year health guarantee. Before taking your new Pomsky home, all will have all vaccinations, be looked over by an experienced veterinarian, offer support well after the buying experience, and will even give you a care package full of goodies.

The process is typical as Lollipop Pomskies will require an application to make sure that both owner and Pomsky are a perfect match for each other. After the application is approved, a deposit will be required to demonstrate your intent and the full price which ranges between $1500 and $2500 will be required to be paid in-full before taking home your new best friend.

You can check out the latest details including litter availability, prices, and start the application process on the Lollipop Pomskies website.

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