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Husky Hybrids

When a dog is said to be a “hybrid”, it means that two dogs of different breeds were blended together to create a new type of breed.  The offspring is known as a hybrid or a designer dog.  These types of blends are becoming more and more popular as people begin to take the favorable traits of two different types of dogs to create one embodiment of both.  It is very important to carefully select the dogs involved in the blending to ensure a good mix.  They should also both be of sound, sufficient breeding standards to ensure great temperament, health and development.  Despite doing the necessary research and finding the best dogs for the mix, it can still sometimes be difficult to determine what health issues may arise as a result of the blending or what temperaments or traits will shine through.

(images:[email protected]/flickr) Pitsky Mix

Understanding which breeds would match well with the Husky, it is critical to understand the inherent traits of the Husky.  For example, Huskies are known to be intelligent and easily trainable.  They also are very high energy and love to play.  Huskies have high agility and are known to be very social, seeming to get along with everyone.  On the same token, while many of those traits are positive, they can come through in negative behaviors if Huskies are not given proper exercise or stimulation.  They may become destructive or behave in ways like chewing, digging or biting if the Husky becomes bored or is not getting proper handling.  They may require extra walks, runs, treats, or toys to keep them busy.  Huskies do best with a dominant owner who can teach them good dog manners and give them proper attention.

(images:[email protected]/flickr) Shepusky Mix

Some common hybrids involving the Husky are:

  1. Pomsky: a combination with Husky.  Intelligent and easily trainable, they are high energy and very playful.  They love to snuggle up and also make great family companions.
  2. Siberian Retriever: a combination with Labrador Retriever.  At 40-60 pounds, these dogs are great social and family pets, specializing in obedience, agility, and tracking.
  3. Huskmoyed: a combination with Samoyed.  Gorgeous, long haired smart dogs, they are independent working dogs who may have a tendency to shed and wander.
  4. Bordsky Collie: a combination with Border Collie.  These fast learning Lassies are loyal, possessive guard dogs who are energetic, family oriented and love to talk.
  5. Husk Pei: a combination with Shar Pei.  A rather odd combination, these wrinkled dogs are loyal, smart, and stubborn.
  6. Horgi: a combination with Corgi.  Easily recognizable by their gorgeous Husky body on mini Corgi legs, these dogs are social and outgoing, intelligent, sweet, alert and loyal.
  7. Shepusky: a combination with German Shepherd.  Arguably one of the smartest dogs of the bunch, this intelligent mix has a great temperament and is very loyal to his family.
  8. Beasky: a combination with Beagle.  This medium sized watch dog is characterized by his long floppy ears of the Beagle with Husky markings.  He is intelligent, active, alert and affectionate.
  9. Boxsky: a combination with Boxer.  These dogs are the mix of energy and laid back attitudes who have an aptitude for jumping and agility.  They are eager to please, listen well, and are loyal family dogs.
  10. Husk Husk: a combination with Chow Chow.  This large mix is active, spirited, alert, and protective.  Although they can be somewhat hard to train, they are protective watchdogs who are loyal to their families.
  11. Rottsky/Huskweiler: a combination with Rottweiler.  Loyal, loving and brave, these social family protectors need lots of exercise and attention.
  12. Pitsky: a combination with Pitbull. Friendly and mild tempered, these dogs are great family pets who are loyal, protective and love attention.
  13. Hugsky: a combination with Pug.  Easily identifiable by their adorable smooshed up faces, this dog is loyal, intelligent, energetic, affectionate, alert, friendly and cheerful.  These lazy dogs love to spend time with their family.
  14. Siberpoo/Hoodle: a combination with Poodle.  Low shedding, these dogs are loving, intelligent and playful.  They are friendly, although they can become aggressive and are not suited to families with young children.

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