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Facts About Pomskys

Quickly gaining steam as one of the most popular dogs of the last year, Pomsky puppies are taking over the dog world.  A combination of a female Husky and a male Pomeranian, this hybrid mix is sure to steal your heart.  Here, we attempt to spotlight some of the fun facts of these fuzzy furballs.

The most sought after colors are usually black, grey, and white or some variation of these.  The fluffier the better and usually the smaller the better.  Despite the fact these little guys only get up to about fifteen inches and thirty pounds, they are no delicate little lap dog.


Because Huskies are so much bigger than Pomeranians, a successful breeding requires artificial insemination of the bigger Husky female.  This ensures her body will not be forced to support puppies as big as she is!  Therefore, Pomskys take traits and size from both dogs.

On average, the female Husky can weigh about sixty pounds and the male Pomeranian about seven pounds.  This results in the adorable Pomsky mix, often weighing between twenty and thirty pounds.  People who love Huskies, but not their size, are finding love in the “mini Husky” hybrid mix.

These dogs have been described as the perfect combination of lap dog and running buddy.  They are energetic and need a lot of exercise to prevent behavioral problems, but on the other hand, they love to snuggle up with their owner and relax.  Their small size makes them ideal to live just about anywhere.

Pomskys are known to be loving, friendly, energetic, playful, good natured, smart and protective.  These traits are a large part of what makes them one of the most sought after dogs of 2016.  Because they are so new and so rare, they are typically very expensive.  The difficulty in breeding them also contributes to their large price tags.


That large price tag is no hindrance to hundreds of people, however.  Their soft, fluffy coats make steal the hearts of many.  Another interesting fact is that despite their small size, Pomskys are anything but frail.  They are double coated, which means they have a tight, protective coat near their bodies, and a fluffier softer coat on the outside.  This makes them great dogs for winter climates.

Maybe its their coat that gives them a dash of extra courage, but Pomskys are known to be great protectors.  They fit well into most families, with singles, and with older people, although some reports indicate they may become skittish around children.  However, because they are highly protective, they make great guard dogs, despite their small size.

Owning a Pomsky is an exciting adventure since the breed is so new.  It’s hard to nail down exactly what traits make a Pomsky a Pomsky, but with the gorgeous looks of the Husky in the tiny body of a Pomeranian, it’s hard to say no to these tiny faces!  Both Huskies and Pomeranians have great traits that make them wonderful dogs and its likely that the little Pomsky will not disappoint!

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