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What is the Difference Between a Malamute and a Husky?

The differences between the two are quite significant but can often be overlooked or misunderstood. To many they seem very similar if not identical but when you really break each one down they are able to be separated into two different categories. This article will focus on both large and small differences between these two breeds.

When it comes to their personality malamutes are much more laid back. These dogs have a go with the flow attitude and work when they feel the need to. Huskies on the other hand are full of energy. Imagine the energizer bunny but in a dog. When it comes to work they differ in that respect as well. Malamutes can carry heavy loads, at slower speeds. It would be something like a Clydesdale or the turtle. Slow and steady always wins the race…most of the time.

Huskies on the other hand can carry light to moderate loads at very fast speeds. There more race horse style or in the small animal world, bunny fast. Size differences are very noticeable as well when it comes to these two breeds. Huskies are considerably smaller than the Malamutes are. Huskies weigh in somewhere around 60-70 pounds while the Malamutes range from 80-100 pounds.

Malamutes are powerfully built. They’re strong, heavy boned and full of endurance. Huskies are longer in their body and have thinner legs. While they may be the better looking of the two breeds they just don’t look as impressive as the Malamutes do. Malamutes have brown eyes and NEVER have blue eyes. That is another easy way to tell the two breeds apart. Huskies on the other hand can have either blue, brown or a mixture of both. On rare occasions they can have two completely different colored eyes.

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While both dog breeds have double coats, Huskies are usually shorter than the Malamutes. Malamutes have large and more round heads like a bear or a wolf. Huskies have more narrow shaped heads like a fox. Huskies don’t play as well with children as Malamutes do. That isn’t to say that they can’t or won’t. It just takes more training, time and patience for the Huskies to become accustom to children. Malamutes on the other hand are giant lovers. Malamutes want to have human interaction and need that attention. Huskies on the other hand don’t need it and could do just fine with or without you. That’s not to say that they won’t make great pets or companions. They’re just more capable of surviving and being on their own the Malamutes are.

Both dogs are simply amazing. They’re both incredibly beautiful dogs. Malamutes and huskies are fun loving and enjoyable to be around. They each come with their own set of traits and differences but at the end of the day just look at one of those faces, can’t say no to that. Each of these dogs are just too cute to handle.

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