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Common Health Concerns of Pomskys

Because the Pomsky is such a “new” hybrid, not much is known about any health issues that may plague their tiny furry, adorable bodies.  However, because the Pomsky is created as a result of a successful mating between a female Husky and a male Pomeranian, the Pomsky likely takes characteristics from both parents.  It may vary from puppy to puppy how much of each parent comes through as a dominant characteristic, but some generalizations might give owners insight into what to expect.

First and foremost, a responsible breeder should be conducting DNA tests, eye and hip tests on dogs before deciding to breed them.  A breeding pair shouldn’t be chosen out of convenience or by accident.  Each dog should be healthy, free of genetic diseases, of good temperament and indicative of a strong breed standard to pass on to any puppies.  Most health problems in dogs of both breeds are as a result of genetic or inherited genes and traits.  This means that most health problems can be prevented.


Female Huskies may have issues with hip dysplasia, common in larger breed dogs.  Dysplasia occurs when the hip joints are no longer aligned.  This an inherited condition.  Similarly, some Husky puppies may inherit eye conditions including entropian or corneal dystrophy.  Entropian is when the upper or lower eyelids roll inwards.  Dystrophy is the clouding of the cornea which sometimes leads to blindness.  Again, these can all be prevented with responsible breeding.

Some Huskies have genes prone to blindness or deafness.  Others may have follicular dysplasia, characterized by hair loss or abnormal hair growth.  Finally, uveodermatologic syndrome can be another side effect of irresponsible breeding and is commonly the source of eye, skin, and nervous system issues in Huskies.

Pomeranians also have some health concerns.  Some of their concerns are also as a result of poor genetics.  Some include skin problems and various eye problems like cataracts, or problems with the eyes which may result in blindness; distichiasis, or eyelashes growing out of place and causing eye irritation; or entropion, similar to Huskies where the eyelids roll inwards.


Other problems may include a collapsed trachea, where the dog is unable to breathe; seizures; or pituitary dwarfism, where the Pomeranian does not produce adequate growth hormones, stunting the dog’s growth and leading to premature death.  Pomeranians may have luxating patellas, or issues with their knee joints.  Finally, as with many toy or small breeds, hypoglycemia can be a common problem.  Hypoglycemia occurs with a rapid drop in blood sugar which may be fatal.

Overall, many health concerns can be prevented by responsible breeding.  When seeking a Pomsky puppy, look for parents that have had adequate health testing done as this will provide a layer of protection against any unforeseen health issues.  As with any breed, health issues may arise that can’t be prevented where no one is at fault.  Know your puppy and be ready to act on any signs of distress.  Maintaining a close relationship with a local vet is a great way to ensure a long, healthy, happy life for your four legged friend.

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