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Cen-Cal Pomskies Review – California Pomsky Breeder

Cen-Cal Pomskies is one of the lesser known Pomsky breeders in California, but what little is known sounds quiteCen-Cal Pomskies Review - California Pomsky Breeder promising. When comparing them to the other Pomsky breeders throughout the state, their definitely one of the smallest, but their prices make them a bit more budget friendly than most.

They have had a few litters each year since establishing themselves in 2013. With prices ranging from $2000 – $2200 which comes straight from their Facebook page, they get a quite a bit of activity on the page itself. They take reservations as soon as they know a litter is in the oven as they promise not to under-deliver to assure customer satisfaction.

With numerous pictures on display, Cen-Cal Pomskies looks to be a promising Pomsky Breeder in California that fields a lot of questions from people just like you. Check out the Cen-Cal Pomskies official site and see for yourself if they are one of the top California Pomsky breeders.

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  • I want a pomsky please.

    Donald Bixby July 14, 2017 6:36 PM Reply

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