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Adopting a Pomeranian Husky – Must Have Before Bringing Your Pomsky Home

If you’re thinking about adopting a Pomsky, there are many things you will want first before bringing your Pomeranian-Husky home for the first time. Many new owners don’t take into consideration what you will want before that memorable first day, which is precisely what this article will help answer. When taking everything into consideration before bringing your new puppy home, you both will have the best chance of creating the perfect environment for both of you.

The following are must-have items you will want to consider before day one.

Adopting a Pomeranian Husky - Must Have Before Bringing Your Pomsky Home

Food and Water Bowls

While many people are saying Duh right about now, you’ll be amazed how many new owners actually forget the essentials in life. Making sure you have food and water bowls which aren’t too big or too small will help your new Pomsky get the nutrients and water it needs.

Other thing to consider when buying a new food and water bowl are the type of material it’s made of. You’ll want to make sure the bowls are heavy-bottomed which will make sure it stays upright, and not knocked over. Also, plastic bowls aren’t exactly a good idea as you will soon realize puppies love to chew on plastic. Materials such as stainless steel and ceramic are better suited for bowls, and can found at any local pet store.

Make Sure You Have Chew Toys or You’re New Pomsky will Create Their Own

As is the case of most puppies they love to chew. Spending a couple of extra dollars before bringing your new Pomsky home may make the difference between creating their own chew toys. Things such as shows and other things around the house will soon become your puppies new best friend, but can be minimized greatly by simply buying chew toys.

Crate for Traveling or Use In-Home

Whether you’ll be picking up your new Pomsky from afar or whether he or she will be shipped to you, making sure you have a crate is a must. For traveling or use in-home, crates will become very important over-time. During the first weeks alone, crates are a great idea which will significantly help with potty training and are great aides to help keep them out of mischief when at work.

Things to consider when buying a new crate are as follows:

  • Make sure it’s made of non-hazardous and non-toxic material
  • Not too big and not too small > good rule of thumb is your Pomsky should be able to turn around comfortably

Pick Up a Grooming Kit

Pomskies require a lot of care which includes simple grooming such as brushing and even cutting their nails. These can be picked up for relative cheap and will come with everything you need. The important thing is to make sure you use it as their coats may become matted and should be brushed out at least once per day. In some instances, breeders and veterinarians will recommend a care-package which will come with all you need.

Identification Tag and Collar

Puppy collars come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. Be sure to choose a collar that is not only stylish, but fits snug and not too tight. Only use materials such as nylon and soft leather as these have been proven safe for puppies. Also, many pet stores will allow you to create a customizable pet identification tag which will allow you to put name as well as phone number and address.

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