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Activities for Your Pomeranian

Finding a way to entertain your Pomeranian will not only ensure he is healthy and happy, but it will also provide some beneficial opportunities for you to bond with your pup.  What activities are available or useful will depend on your family, where you live, and the interests of your individual Pom.  Because the little dogs are lively, they need plenty of exercise.  This need must be balanced with their love of attention which drives them to be as close to you and your family as possible.


Pomeranians are known to be very loyal and protective toward their families.  They are quite affectionate, obedient, and friendly.  Therefore, one of the easiest, and probably most practiced activities is simple- relaxing or watching television with your pup.  This will encourage bonding and fill the Pomeranian’s need for constant love and attention.

Another activity that will entertain your dog at home is obedience training.  For example, teaching your Pom to fetch.  Not only will this encourage bonding, but it will also encourage your dog to learn and give him an opportunity to satisfy himself by pleasing you.  Ensure the toy you use is big enough to grab, but not small enough to swallow.  Your dog may prefer a ball or a stuffed animal.  Similarly, you could play “hide and seek” with treats and allow your dog to use his senses to explore the house and find it.

Pomeranians also enjoy meeting other people and even other dogs.  They enjoy and thrive from socialization.  That may involve rides or activities with the family, or strolls through the park or dog park to see new sights, sounds, people and experiences.  Taking your Pom for daily walks will help them burn energy and also keep them entertained.

Giving your Pomeranian exercise while allowing them time to smell and explore is a great experience for your Pom.  Similarly, the dog park will allow your pup the chance to meet other dogs.  Before heading outdoors, ensure your dog is up to date on shots and wormings.  Keep your dog on a leash and supervise them at all times.  Be especially careful to ensure your active Pom doesn’t overheat.  Allowing them to splash around in a sprinkler or pool may help keep them cool in the warm summer months.


Finding dog friendly stores and restaurants will also give your dog new and exciting experiences.  Some may require your dog to be leashed or in a stroller, but you would be surprised at how many facilities will allow you to bring your furry friend.  Making contact with with local dog groups, especially Pomeranian groups if they are available, will help you find resources for other activities as well.  Many times, those specialty groups have “meet and greets” for either your dog breed, rescue groups, or just dogs in general.

Many of the pet speciality stores not only allow pets to come inside and smell around, but they also provide dog training.  This may include Good Citizen training, teaching your dog about manners, obedience, therapy work, behavior, agility, or even provide obstacle courses.  These courses can help your dog learn how to walk on a leash; deal with strangers; learn to come, sit, stay, fetch, or kennel; or gain experience and confidence exploring tunnels and ramps.  These tasks will help your active and alert pup express his high energy and intelligence.  Because Pomeranians are bright and eager to please, they train easily and can bring great joy to their families as a result of this experience.

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